Vintage Japanese Woodblock Print Tomikichiro Tokuriki Nijubashi Bridge Shin Hanga c 1940


Brand Etsy

This is a Japanese woodblock print by Tomikichiro Tokuriki (1902-1999), an important artist of the 20th century, who worked both in the Sosaku Hanga and Shin Hanga styles. This print is in the Shin Hanga style - with Shin Hanga, the artist designs the print but the actual woodblock and printing is handled by publishers, in Tomikichiros case, Uchida, Unsodo or other Kyoto based publishers.
This print is titled "Nijubashi yuki no asa" (Snowy morning at Nijubashi Bridge) and features a view of the bridge leading to the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. You can feel the slightly raised image on this print, due to blind embossing. The print measures 11 1/4 by 10. The print was glued onto backing paper at the top right corner, but is a little detached, so there is a tiny corner tear (see last close-up photo). There are two blue dots in the sky, but I'm sure that these are original to the printing of the piece. Otherwise, this print has been well stored and is in very clean condition.
This is a wonderful Japanese woodblock print by a noted artist - beautiful view of the Nijubashi Bridge.