Vintage Japanese Blue and White Porcelain Mini Kettle Sauce Pourer Sake Server


Brand Etsy

This is a really pretty Japanese blue and white porcelain miniature kettle that I assume was meant to dispense some type of liquid, perhaps soya sauce or even sake. It is decorated with blue figural images - a child with something on a string, a man carrying product across a bridge, a man on a donkey, a tree, and a child with his mother. Google translate interpreted the characters on the underside as Kiyoyasu University of Tokyo - Im unsure if this is accurate. It measures 5 1/2 in length from the back of the handle to the tip of the spout and the piece has a height of 2 1/8 at its handle. It is in very good condition - a bit of a greyish cast to the underside tip of the spout and to two of the corners, very minor. I've listed the item as being from the 1960s, although I honestly don't know its age - it could be much older. I havent been able to find another similar example, so this is a bit of a mystery piece - lovely form and interesting figural images, wonderful addition to a blue and white collection!