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Vintage Italian Leather Belt 1980s Design


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a very interesting leather belt dating most likely to the 1980s.  The belt is stamped with the designer’s name and “Made in Italy”, but I am unable to clearly make out the name - it appears to be Claudio Glucidi, but I’m really unsure.  The belt is made of five pieces of rigid molded leather in dark brown across the front.  Two rounded strips of leather border the pieces and one rounded strip goes through the middle of the pieces - the pieces are affixed to the border strips by leather “string”.  The belt does up with a buckle at the back.  It measures 33 3/4” in length and adjusts at 28 1/2” up to 32 1/2”.  It is in very good condition.

Wonderful 80s era Italian leather belt - fabulous design.....