Vintage Game of Bridge Themed Decorative Cutting Board Hand Painted


Brand Etsy

This is a wood cutting board that is hand painted with a Game of Bridge theme. The centre features a King and Queen, with the Kings hat reading John and the Queens sleeve reading Christine. At either side it reds Hes Director and Shes Manager and at the bottom it reads Directors All The Appreciation Trophy. The rest of the board is filled with playing card suits, North, West, East, South, some initials that I dont understand and other decorative motifs. The back of the board is signed Jan Garber 1989 and written with North Bid: 3 NT The Contract Can Be Beaten Jacoby Held West In 1932 - a little cryptic, but maybe a bridge player would understand this. All of the painting is sealed under varnish. It measures 15 14 high by 9 wide and has a thickness of 1/2. Somewhat of a personal piece, but still a unique decorative display piece for the bridge player!