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Vintage Canadian Folk Art Hooked Wall Rug Quebec Winter Scene Clarence Gagnon


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a wonderful vintage hooked yarn piece featuring a depiction of a typical traditional Quebec winter scene.  The work is probably after a painting by Quebec artist Clarence Gagnon or a similar Quebec artist.  During the 1930s, Gagnon gave his permission to artisans in the Baie Saint Paul area to reproduce his work.   Finely printed linen patterns of his work were then marketed and sold by Eaton’s starting during the early 1940s - this piece would have been made by a home artisan using such a printed linen.  Yarn was sold separately, but the clerk selling the pattern would most likely have helped the customer pick the different coloured yarn.  That being said, this is skillfully rendered as evidenced by fine yarn and well defined image - note the difference between the “wooly” finish on the front and the smooth finish at the back.  The work itself measures 11 1/2” by 16” exclusive of any base cloth extended out.  It is in excellent condition with no fading or wear.  This is a lovely piece of work - nice example of Canadian Handicrafts, excellent piece to frame and display!