Vintage Budgie Bird Figurine Parakeets Wien Keramos Vienna Austria 8.875


Brand Etsy

This is a beautiful quality figurine made in the form of two budgie birds or parakeets by the firm of Wiener Kunst-Keramik und Porzellanmanufaktur AG under their Keramos trademark. The firm was founded in 1910 by disabled military veterans and produced models by Eduard Klablena and designs of the Wiener Werkstatte.
This particular piece is marked with the Wien Keramos shield mark with Made in Austria underneath, which was used from 1920 - I would think that this figure dates to the late 1940s or 50s. It is impressed with the number 2575. It is in very good condition with the exception of a glaze chip to the tail of one of the birds (see last close-up photo) - a bit of black enamel paint and no one would ever know. Otherwise, no other chips, cracks, wear or repair. It measures 8 7/8 in height.
This is a beautifully modelled and painted display piece, especially if you are an bird owner or just a wonderful piece for the right decor!