Vintage Brutalist Bib Necklace Robert Larin Canada 1960s Modernist Silver Plated Pewter


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is a silver plated necklace made in a distinctive modernist / brutalist style. The piece is unsigned, but I believe that it was made by Robert Larin of Canada. The is one area where it looks like there had been a Larin signature, but it is very difficult to make out - I will say that this looks like Larin’s work as it is quite distinctive. Larin worked from 1968 to 1977, mostly in pewter that he would accent with electroplated silver and oxidation. He used the “lost wax” method, unusual for pewter as it is most often reserved for more precious metals. The piece would then be hand polished to remove any rough spots. He employed some 25 workers at his Papineau St. workshop, located in Montreal. This necklace features an oxidized textured background with a silver plated raised pattern giving play to the contrast in light and dark, typical of brutalist design. The pendant is made of two separately cast pieces that are linked together with brass rings. The design is interspersed with small brass balls. The “chain” is made of linked pieces of cast pewter. The pendant measures about 5” in height, while the chain measures 17” around. It is in very good condition. This is a quite striking example of Robert Larin’s very distinctive jewelry.....sure to be noticed!