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Vintage Borsalino Vivax Brown Wool Trilby Fedora Hat Mens Size 7


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a superior quality (Qualita Superiore) mens wool fedora hat made by Borsalino of Italy.  It is made of stitched wool in a pliable soft felt finish.  The color is a very attractive muted medium brown, a little towards a green tone of brown.  The hat is stamped on the upper interior with “Qualita Superiore Borsalino Alessandria”.  The leather sweatband is gold stamped “Borsalino Grand Prix Paris 1900 Antica Casa Fondata Nel 1857”, “Vivax” and “Melegari Milano” - Melegari is a Milan hat shop founded in 1914.  This hat was made for the domestic Italian market rather than for export.  There is a paper label under the sweatband that reads “5”, which is the Italian equivalent to a US size 7 (medium).  The paper label identifies the colour as “Marron” and there is a code of 78-40540.  I think that the code may indicate that the hat dates to 1978, which would be in keeping with the style and construction of the hat.  The hat measures 21 3/4” around the sweatband and 8” by 6 1/4” across the opening.  The brim is turned and stitched and measures 2” in width and the crown has a height of 4 1/2”.  It is in very good condition with no notable wear - the logo on the interior is green, and I’m not sure if this is original or if it had been gold and discoloured, but a minor consideration in any case as the hat is very clean.  This is a very nice quality hat by Borsalino, nice color, easy to wear style.......