Vintage 80s Dejac Paris Coat Blue Wool French Fashion Sz 38


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is a beautiful quality Dejac Paris coat made by Dejac.  Dejac was a Parisian fashion design house founded in 1973 - it closed its doors in 1997.  It had a target market of women who wore classic fashion of high quality.  Their clothes had a medium high price point - they were sold in the same boutiques that would sell Dior, Gucci and Chanel.  This Dejac Paris coat is made in a loose fitting, relaxed style with wonderful draping due to the gusseted box pleat that runs down its back.  It has slightly padded shoulders, single piece gusseted sleeves (full cut and an extension of the body of the coat with no seam) and a two button closure at the neckline - the rest of the coat has no closures and simply folds over.  You can wear it unbuttoned so that there is a V neckline with wide collar and lapels.  The collar can also be worn up to cover the neck and head.  There is a slant pocket built into either side.  This Dejac Paris coat is fully lined in black satin viscose.  It is not thermal lined, so suitable for fall wear or mild winter climates.

Label: Dejac Paris. 

Fabric:  The content label is missing on this Dejac Paris coat, but it appears to be made of wool or a quality wool blend.  Dejac liked to use quality blends of wool, cashmere, mohair and alpaca in different proportions.

Sizing: French size 38 is indicated, and although this Dejac Paris coat should fit a medium size (US size 8), please rely on the following measurements for fit, taking the thickness of the fabric and the style of this Dejac Paris coat into consideration:

Shoulders:  17 1/2” across to the ends of the shoulder pads

Sleeves:  22” long from the shoulder pad, 30 3/4” from the mid-neck seam to the cuff edge

Sleeve Inseam:  14 1/2” long

Bust:  54” around, but difficult to ascertain due to the cut of the sleeve

Waist: 56” around

Hemline:  94”

Length:  37”

Condition: This Dejac Paris coat is in very good condition with no pronounced wear, tear, soiling or odour. 

This is a beautiful quality wool Dejac Paris coat, excellent Paris design, wonderful style in an attractive colour!