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Vintage 60s Pillbox Hat Black Straw Union Made in the USA


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a wonderful quality vintage 60s hat made in a classic pillbox shape. The hat is finished with a black grosgrain and straw bow on its top and garnished with a voile netting. The hat is made of an excellent quality glossy black straw that I believe is parasisal. There is a small plastic comb affixed to either side used to secure the hat on the head. There is no size label - the opening measures 20” around, but this hat is supposed to sit on top of the head, so it should accommodate a range of sizes. The hat is in excellent condition and looks to have seen little use, if any, and was well stored over the years - the only defects are a missing label at the interior top where the glue spot is visible and I’m not sure that there isn’t some of the netting missing at the back.   This is a wonderful 60s pillbox hat, the type favored by First Lady Jackie Kennedy....