Vintage 50s PBN Paint by Number Paintings Winter Shadows Anglers Delight Craftint King Size


Brand Etsy

This is a pair of vintage paint by number paintings, one titled Winter Shadows and the other titled Anglers Delight. These were originally made from the kit King Size KS-1, part of the 600 Blue Line by Craftint of Cleveland, Ohio. These paintings date to 1959. They are well painted in 30 different colours and are in their original wood frames. Each panel measures 18 by 24 and each frame measures 21 1/2 by 27 1/2. They are in very good condition but have been exposed to dust over 65 years, so they are somewhat dirty - the Winter Shadows less so than the Anglers Delight, which has spotting (please view the last three close-up photos). Despite this, they still display well - the spotting is more visible when tilting the painting in the light. I would think that these could be cleaned, but probably need a professional to do so and Im not sure that the spotting would be eliminated. These are quite rare, so Im selling them at a reasonable price, taking the soiling into account. Nice additions to a PBN collection!