Vintage 2001 Dunhill Desire For A Woman Perfume Factice POP Display 17.75


Brand Etsy

This is a wonderful point of purchase (POP) display factice bottle advertising Dunhills Desire For A Woman perfume. The piece is a oversized copy of a regular bottle of Desire, made of pink glass in a tapered shape with top that mirrors the flip-top lighters originally made by Dunhill. The bottle is empty - Im unsure if there was originally liquid in this factice. Desire For A Woman was introduced in 2001, and I would imagine that this factice was made to advertise its introduction. The bottle is quite large, measuring 17 3/4 in height and weighing 7 1/2 lbs - the glass is fairly thick and the piece is substantial. It is in very good condition with only a bit of scuffing to the chromed plastic top, really very minor - this displays very well.
Pretty colour and wonderful form - great for the perfume lover or the Dunhill collector!