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Vintage 1970s Livio de Simone Capri Top Skirt Set Mod Hand Painted Made in Italy


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a rare vintage early 1970s or late 60s, two piece set consisting of a top and skirt, made by Livio de Simone, Capri, Italy.  Livio de Simone designed fabrics for Emilio Pucci and also partnered with him in staging fashion shows during the 1950s.  He became known for home furnishing fabrics during the 1970s but his hand painted fabrics marketed during the 1960s and 70s were what gained him renown. 

This set is hand painted - you can see splotches of paint on the underside of the fabric.  The top is made in triangular shape, covers the front of the body, with a flap that stands loosely upward, has shoulder straps, ties and hooks closed at the back and is open at the back.  The skirt is made in a full length and cut with a wide flare to the hemline.  The pattern features a motif that looks like an abstract propellor shape or four petal shape.  The motif is in colours of goldenrod, red, lilac and bright green against a black background with grey patterning as well as subtle muted colours of green and red.  The top is lined in black cotton, but the skirt is unlined - I can see some loose threads that perhaps held a lining in place, but I’m not sure.

Label:  Livio de Simone Made in Capri-Italy.  

Content label:  Do Not Dry Clean 100% Cotton

Retailer label:  Lily Simon Fait en Italie.  Lily Simon owned a couple of fashion boutiques in Montreal that sold very high end designer fashion.  She started her business during the early 1950s, and passed away in 2014. 

Sizing: Size 12 is indicated, but this is not a 12 as we think of it today - it will fit a small waist size, so please note the following measurements for fit, taking the style of the set into account:


26” across the bottom of the triangle (26” around, with the hook attached), 16” in height at the centre point


Waist:  24” around

Hips:  36” around

Hemline:  108” around

Overall length: 46“, measured flat

Condition: This is pre-owned and obviously was loved.  Unfortunately, the top is faded in comparison to the skirt, so there is a colour difference.  I can only guess that maybe the top was improperly washed.  The skirt demonstrates use, but the colours appear to be true to original.  Despite the colour difference to the top, I would still use this together as it is a striking outfit.  Or, you could use the skirt alone, although the set is wonderful together, even with the wear.

This is a very collectible piece of Italian fashion history - very desirable, you don’t often see these hand painted Livio de Simone garments.  Sold as is, but striking in any case!