Vintage 1960s Unused Drapery Fabric Mid Century Drapes Print 10 yds 44 inch


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is vintage 1960s era fabric that is printed with a repeating graphic motif in tones of blue, navy blue, turquoise, teal, violet, white and black.  I did a fabric “burn test” and it seems to indicate mercerized cotton or a cotton/rayon blend - the fabric does have a “shiny” thread woven throughout it (see close-up photo).  The fabric is unused in a bolt that measures 44” in width - there are over 10 yards on the bolt.  I did notice a white line misprint and some moisture staining at one end of the fabric, so please note that there are 8 to 9 yards of perfect fabric and maybe another one or two that you could work with.  This fabric was acquired from the liquidation of an old Canadian garment manufacturing business and was simply sitting in inventory for the last 55 or so years.    

This is a fun period fabric - great for a pair of drapes in a mid century decor!