Vintage 1960s Northern Electric Phone Moss Green Rotary Telephone Model 500 G3


Brand Etsy

This is a model 500 rotary telephone made in moss green by Northern Electric of Canada. The phone has a G3 handset and a date code of 62 on the underside, corresponding to 1962. The phone has bare wire ends so I was unable to test it, but these Northern Electric phones were so well made that generally they function without issues unless improperly stored. These phones were available only through rental from Bell Canada, and Bell was extremely controlling about their rental program, so they are difficult to come by as usually the phone would have to be returned to Bell. The phone looks to be in very nice condition - there are two scratches on one side and one scratch on the top of the handset but my understanding is that any small scratches can be removed with 2000 grit micro-mesh sandpaper and then polished with Novus. Also, the dial could maybe use a cleaning - Im not into doing restoration, so I am simply selling this as is. Great looking phone - nice colour!