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Vintage 1960s Handbag Vinyl Straw w Gold Strips Box Purse British Hong Kong - VFG


Brand Etsy

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This is a vintage 1960s handbag made in British Hong Kong. This 1960s handbag is made of vinyl strips intertwined to look like straw. The straw is constructed in such of way as to form a chevron pattern vertically while the horizontal strips have a metallic band running through their centre. The interior has a metal zippered pocket on one side and open pocket built onto the other side. It has a pearlescent plastic closure, a matching covered stiff handle and sits on four chrome bun feet". The purse measures 11 wide by 7 1/2 in height, exclusive of the handle, and has with a depth of 3 1/2. The exterior is in very good condition but the vinyl interior has some pink staining and a couple of tiny pinhead sized holes at the.bottom caused by nails in the frame, still very acceptable (see photos). There is a faint smell of cigarettes to the interior - an airing would most likely eliminate this.
This is a striking handbag - sure to be noticed!