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Antique Neyret Freres Stevengraph Woven Silk Picture Joan of Arc 35 Inch


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This is an old woven silk picture depicting Joan of Arc made by Neyret Freres of St Etienne, France.  Neyret produced woven silk scenes and ribbons on Jacquard looms, very much like Stevengraphs.  I was reading about Neyret and they used sometimes 12 different gray colored silk threads in order to get the proper tonal perspectives on their scenes.  Only top quality Chinese silk was used.  Neyret ceased operations in 1970 after being in business for 145 years.  This particular silk picture portrays Joan of Arc kneeling, with left hand over heart, and holding a banner with her right hand.  Her helmet, gloves, sword and shield lay before her.  The scene is after a painting by Gustave Doyen.  Joan of Arc (in French Jeanne D’Arc) was pivotal in breaking the English siege of Orleans during the Hundred Years War, eventually leading to French victory.  She was subsequently captured and executed by the English at the age of 19, declared a martyr and Saint by the Catholic church.  The piece measures 35 1/4” by 17 1/2” and is the largest of three sizes produced by Neyret (90 cm by 45 cm - see reproduction photo).  It is in very good condition with no wear or tear - this has been well stored over the years.  This is a beautiful quality woven silk picture - lovely image of Joan of Arc, a feminist hero long before feminism existed!