Vintage 1956 Smith Corona Skyriter Typewriter with Hard Case Ultra Portable


Brand Etsy

This is an ultra portable Smith Corona Skyriter typewriter dating to 1956. It comes with its original hard shell metal case. It is in a deep grey colour with green keys and was made in the United States. The serial number is 2Y 316598, which dates the typewriter to 1956. The typewriter is functioning well, but has no ribbon - please note that this model uses a 1 5/8 spool and only one spool is present. You can acquire replacements from various sources on the web. Aesthetically, it would benefit from a cleaning as there is a bit of rust on the key stems, but overall this is quite clean and has been well preserved. The only issues that I note are a bit of wear to the space bar, slight wear to the ruler and the Smith-Corona logo is a little pushed in at the Smith, although Im sure that this can be easily corrected. The typewriter case measures 11 by 12, exclusive of the handle, and 2 3/4 in height, stout and sturdy - it weighs 9 lbs and 5 oz with its case, very portable. The Skyriter was conceived to fit under an airplane seat and is known as the first laptop.
This is a wonderful typewriter - a classic!