Vintage 1950s Nubian Head Vase Lamp Black Pottery African Woman w Gilt Gold Bowl


Brand Etsy

This is a vintage 1950s era lamp made out of a head vase. The head vase is made in the likeness of an African woman holding a gilt gold bowl on her head. She is glazed in black and is wearing metal ring earrings. The back of the woman is drilled to accommodate the electrical wire and she is sitting on a metal and wood base. The lamp measures 28 in height to the top of the faceted red plastic finial - the head vase itself measures 10 1/2 in height. The bowl is filled with a type of wax as probably there originally had been plastic flowers embedded in the wax. The lamp is in very good condition, however, the plug is missing, so that would have to be replaced. As photographed, there is no shade. You could detach the head vase if wished, however, there is a hole drilled into the back and through the centre of the bowl. Note that the paint on the wood base is worn. The lamp will be shipping with the harp wrapped separately.
A fun lamp from the 50s - great in the right decor!