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Vintage 1950s Mens Fedora Straw Hat Buckley Montreal Size M 7 1/8


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a vintage mens straw fedora hat, made by Montreal milliner Buckley.  I’ve had Buckley hats in the past, and they’ve mostly all been custom made and have been of exceptional quality.  This one is made of a quality straw in an interesting two tone weave, very light yellowish green and grey, which gives the hat an overall appearance of being a neutral or greenish or yellowish depending on the light - the straw has a shimmer to it.  The brim is pliable so you can wear it up or tilted down as shown in the photos.  It has a leather sweatband but no liner, which is the original state given that the hat is meant to breathe.  There is a label affixed to the inside top that reads “Buckley Straws” with a coat-of-arms that has a banner that reads “Since 1895”.     

Age: Most likely 1950s.  The Buckley-Brooks company was dissolved in 1965 when its assets were bought by the Biltmore Hat Company of Canada, another quality maker.  Stylistically, this is very much in keeping with 1950s fedoras.

Size: 7 1/8 (medium).  The opening measures 22 1/4” around the sweatband, and 6 5/8” by 8” across the opening.

Condition:  It is in very good condition with no wear, cracking, soiling or staining.  The sweatband has a tiny bit of surface cracking, but this is negligible.  This hat has been well cared for over the last 65 or so years.

It’s really rare to find straw fedoras of this era that are still intact as often they’ve dried out and sustained some cracking.  This is a wonderful example with a beautiful weave and rather unique colour - great addition to a collection!