Vintage 1950s Bohemian Czech Romana Glass Bowl Hana Machovska for Mstisov Glassworks


Brand Etsy

This is a gorgeous piece of glass designed by Hana Machovska as part of the Romana line for the Mstisov Glassworks, a venerable Czech republic glassmaker that dates back to the 16th century. Mstisov became part of the Sklo Union when it was established in 1948. This bowl is made in an elongated form, measuring 9 1/2 by 4 1/8 wide at its widest with a height of 3. The glass features a pink colour at one end, honey yellow in the middle and blue at the other end. It is in excellent condition with no noted wear, just a couple of very light scratches on the underside from surface contact. The bowl dates to the 1950s / 60s.
Wonderful addition to a glass collection - beautiful quality, iconic Bohemian Czech glass piece!