Vintage 1940s Taupe Nylon Stockings Seamed Cuban Heel Gotham Gold Stripe 9.5x34


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is a wonderful pair of seamed stockings made in Canada under the “Gotham Gold Stripe” brand name.  These came out of an old general store, so were unused old stock - they are still connected by the price tag, which reads “Federal Dep 14 M 1440 $1.40 9 1/2”.  They are made of 40 denier nylon, with reinforced feet and tops. Each is stamped with “Gotham Gold Stripe Reg’d Canada Made in Canada C-I-L Nylon Yarn Pat 404243 40 Denier”.  They are in an interesting colour that appears more brown in indoor lighting and more grey in daylight - I’m calling them taupe.  The foot measures 9 1/2” in length and they have a length of 34” from the top edge to the bottom of the heel.  They are in like-new condition as they are unused.  This is a sexy pair of nylons from the post-war era - a couple of pairs of these are part of the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum and are dated to 1948.  Fabulous collectible stockings!