Vintage 1940s Mens Suit Custom Tailored in Rome Blue Wool Size L 44 T


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is a quality custom tailored vintage 1940s era mens suit.  The suit was made in Rome, Italy by A Alberucci.  The suit belonged to a high ranking Czechoslovakian politician, founder of the Hlinka Guard and minister for Slovak affairs.  Subsequent to a power struggle, he was made Minister to the Holy See, basically an ambassador to Vatican City.  He spent the years 1940 to 1950 at the Vatican, and emigrated to Canada in 1950, passing away in 1953.  So this suit was bought in Rome sometimes during the 1940s, and judging by its style, most likely during the late 40s.  The suit is made in a navy blue colored fine herringbone wool.  The shoulders of the jacket are padded and the lapels are notched.  It has a a three button closure, although the lapels are pressed so that only the two lower buttons should be buttoned - there are three buttons at the end of each sleeve.  There is a besom pocket at either side and a pocket at the left breast.  The jacket is fully lined in black rayon taffeta fabric.  It has one interior pocket.  The pants are pleated, have turned cuffs and have a button-up fly.  Please note that it was a little large on my form, so was pinned back for the photo - the silhouette will be wider on a body that fits it.     


Age: 1940s

Label: A Alberucci Roma

Color: Navy blue

Material: Wool.  It is a medium weight fabric, most likely a fall/winter suit.  They don’t make fabric of this quality any longer and haven’t for some time.    Falls beautifully due to weight and quality.

Sizing: No size is indicated, as it was custom tailored, but this should fit a large size, probably size 44 Tall, maybe slightly larger - it was a little large on my husband who normally wears a size 42 to 44 and the sleeves were slightly long.  please rely on the following measurements for fit, taken from the exterior (please take the thickness of the wool into consideration):


Shoulders: 19 1/2” across shoulder seam-to-seam 

Upper back:  18 1/2” across sleeve seams

Sleeves: 25” from shoulder seam

Sleeve Inseam: 19 1/2” long

Chest: 48” around, taken under the arms

Waist: 44”

Overall length: 30"


Waist: 40”, uncinched by a belt - these types of pants were meant to be worn with suspenders and generally were loose at the waist for comfort

Leg Inseam: 28 1/2” long

Overall length: 44"


This suit is in excellent condition except for a pinhead sized hole at the front upper right side of the pants (see last close-up photo).  The hole is less than 1/8” in diameter so could be stitched, although invisible weaving would be preferable - usually a tailor could weave this for about $40 and you would never be able to tell.  Otherwise, this suit is in great condition considering that it has been stored in a trunk for over 60s years.  The suit was recently professionally dry cleaned and has no pronounced wear, tear, stains or odors (except for a bit of staining to the label). It looks like this suit saw little use and was very well kept over the years.  


This is a fabulous suit - excellent Italian tailoring and an interesting provenance....