Vintage 1940s Grey Fox Fur Stole Large Shoulder Wrap Red Color Dupont Furs Cairo


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is a very large “grey” fox fur stole dating to the 1940s - the grey fox is actually a reddish orange colour, with darker areas as well as frosted areas.  The grey fox is native to North and Central America and its fur is not as dense or soft as other fox furs.  The fur used for this stole has been dyed, but still has the colour appearance of grey fox fur.   Although originating in North and Central America, this fur was purchased in Cairo, Egypt - the label on the lining reads “Fourrures Dupont Le Caire”.  It should be noted that Cairo was a very cosmopolitan city with both a British and a French influence prior to and just after WWII.  The stole is fully lined in a black satin fabric and quite padded in the interior between the pelts and lining.  It is constructed to conform to the back, with a slightly rounded shape.

Sizing: 83” across laid out flat by 19” in height at the centre back

Condition:  It is in very good condition with no wear, tear, holes, stains or odours - the fur appears to be fresh, without the shedding typical of silver fox.  This appears to have been well cared for over the last 70 or so year.

This is a nice quality fur, rather exotic with its Cairo origin - unusual large size, 1940s glamour!