Vintage 1940s CPR Ephemera Lot Canadian Pacific Railway Conductor Forms Memos Tags etc


Brand Etsy

This is a lot of ephemera that belonged to a conductor who worked on the Canadian Pacific Railway. Most of it dates to the 1940s, although there is a bit from the early 50s. Included are pads of forms (multiple forms on a pad, most unused) - receipts, passenger reports, wage reports and trainmens trip tickets. Loose pieces include accident reports, internal memos and communications related to operations, accidents, Victory Bond drives and payments, multiple envelopes addressed to the Auditor of Passenger Receipts and multiple tags of three or four sorts. Interesting is the Income Tax card - from this we learn that a CPR Conductor in 1946 made about $3200 annually. Also interesting is a form pertaining to a late running engine on the Megantic line - Megantic, of course, became known due to the tragic rail disaster in 2013.
This is an interesting lot, much more material than I was able to show in the photos, and material that is rather unusual in that most similar material would have been long discarded, so, in a sense, rather rare. Nice snapshot into the life of a CPR conductor during the 1940s.