Vintage 1940s Clutch Purse Leather Handbag w Bakelite Type Clasp - VFG


Brand Etsy

This is a 1940s era clutch purse made of leather that is pressed to resemble crocodile skin. The clasp is made of a coloured thermoplastic square, similar to bakelite or lucite. The purse has a handle affixed to the top side. The interior has a pocket built onto either side, one of the pockets having a zippered pocket and a couple of slots built onto it. The purse, closed, measures 6 3/4 in height and 11 in width across, with a depth of about 1 3/4 that can expand. It is in very good condition except for a lacing repair to the upper sides - for some reason, they used green coloured lacing instead of the original brown (last close-up photos) - it still presents itself well, but if it bothered you, I guess that it could be redone. Despite the repair, this is a lovely clutch purse - very classy!