Vintage 1940s Bookends Kitsch Chalkware Figural Chinese Man & Woman


Brand Etsy

This is a wonderful pair of chalkware bookends made in the form of the bust of a Chinese man and woman, sitting on, and backed by books. These date to the 1940s and retain their original paint - red and charcoal against a grey background. Each measures 7 5/8 in height, 4 1/4 in width and 5 7/8 in depth - together they weigh 6 lbs and 5 oz. They were very dirty when I acquired them, but I was able to clean them up substantially, although with a bit more work, they will be cleaner - I didnt want to be too aggressive and take off the finish (never submerge chalk ware in water). They do have a couple of issues - corner chips that Ive shown in the last close-up photos and a few paint flakes. My understanding is that it is fairly easy to repair chalk ware with glue and either baking soda or chalk dust, but I would think that the paint match would be a bit more challenging. Someone with an art background should be able to match paint very closely. This is a wonderful display pair, not a model that you often see!