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Vintage 1940s Black Nylon Stockings Seamed Cuban Heel Gotham Gold Stripe 10.5x33


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a wonderful pair of stockings made in Canada under the “Gotham Gold Stripe” brand name.  These came out of an old general store, so were unused old stock - there are no tags, but it is obvious that they saw no use.  They are made of 30 denier 51 gauge nylon, with reinforced feet and tops. Each is stamped with “Gotham Gold Stripe Reg’d Canada Made in Canada C-I-L Nylon Yarn Pat 404243 30 Denier 51 Gauge”.  They are black and have black seams.  They are unmarked as to size, but the foot measures 10 1/2” in length, so these should fit a larger foot.  They have a length of 33” from the top edge to the bottom of the heel.  They are in like-new condition - a few “snags” in the nylon, but these would be original to the making of the stockings.  This is a sexy pair of nylons from the post-war era - a couple of pairs of these are part of the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum and are dated to 1948.  Fabulous collectible stockings in a larger size!