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SOLD Vintage 1940s Amber Catalin Bakelite Clasp Corde Handbag Purse


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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SOLD This is a fabulous 1940s era handbag purse featuring a large overlapped catalin bakelite clasp.  The bakelite is somewhat translucent, which is a sign of being catalin - note that any bakelite made post 1927 is made by the Catalin corporation as they acquired the rights to bakelite at that time.  The catalin is made in an amber/butterscotch color with a darker ripple in it.  It closes with a single amber knob that snaps into a hole drilled in the other part of the clasp.  The body of the purse is made of “Cordé” fabric, a grosgrain type material in a navy blue color.  The interior is lined in a blue taffeta fabric and has a lipstick and change pocket built onto one side.  The handle is made in the same cordé fabric.  The purse measures 9” in width and 9” in height, including the clasp - the handle has a drop of 5 1/2”.  It is in very good condition with no pronounced wear, staining or other defect.  Fabulous WWII period purse with a striking clasp - sure to be noticed.....