Vintage 1930s Native American Ash Splint Basket Passamaquoddy Penobscot Wabanaki


Brand Etsy

This is a Native American basket made of ash splint with Hong Kong cord roping as well as sweetgrass. Due to the presence of Hong Kong cord on the basket, it dates to the 1930s. Hong Kong cord was used briefly as a substitute for twirled sweetgrass, which was very labour intensive to make. The ash splint is dyed in candy coloured tones of orange, purple, goldenrod, pink and green that are visible on the interior and bottom, but which have faded on the exterior over time due to exposure to the light. It was made by a member of an East Coast Native American Indian tribe, probably Micmac, Pasamaquoddy or Penobscot but it might even be Iroquois, Im not sure. This basket measures 5 1/4 in diameter and 3 3/4 in height. The basket is in very good condition and displays very well - there is one purple that has curling on the top centre of the lid (view the close-up photo), but otherwise, no other major issues aside from the colour fading. This is a lovely example and the original colours are quite amazing - many hours of work went into making this wonderful 90 year old (or so) example of Native American Indian handwork!