Vintage 1930s Day Dress Floral Printed Silk Size M


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is a 1930s day dress made with a fabulous floral printed silk.  This 1930s day dress has a high neckline with a shirt-type collar back and front and a five button bodice - the top three buttons open and close the upper dress.  It has above-the-elbow length cured sleeves with shoulder puffs, typical of late 1930s fashion.  The dress is made in a below the knee length with a dip in the back (the back is lower than the front) - note that the hemline is taped with binding tape, but is not finished.  This 1930s day dress is unlined and has a 4” loop at either side that would accommodate a wide belt - no belt is supplied with the dress.

Label:  None.  I assume that this 1930s day dress was seamstress made, but it is well made

Sizing: No size is indicated, and although this 1930s day dress should fit a medium size, please note the following measurements for fit:

Shoulders:  15” across from shoulder/sleeve seam to shoulder/sleeve seam, exclusive of the puff

Sleeves:  11” long from the shoulder/sleeve seam

Bust:  35 1/2” around, taken under the armpits

Waist:  36” around, uncinched, meant to be cinched with a wide belt

Hips:  42” around, meant to fall loosely

Length:  47”, measured flat

Condition: It is in very good condition with no pronounced wear, tear, soiling or staining except for the aforementioned unfinished hemline and the missing belt.  I purposely did not finish the hem as the buyer may want to finish it at a length suited to her.  In addition, the second button from the top is loose, so should be better secured.  This dress has been well kept and stored over the last 85 or so years.

The colours and print are really striking on this 1930s day dress.  They used German dyes pre-WWII that were really vibrant, but of course, the war put an end to that and the dyes used post-war were never the same as those used pre-war.  It is becoming very difficult to find 1930s day dresses like this - nice example!