Vintage 1930s Chicago Electric Beater Mixer w Glass Measuring Cup Jar Bottom


Brand Etsy

This is a vintage electric beater / mixer made by the Chicago Electric Mfg. Co. The patent number cited on the handle of 1,917,289 was cited in 1931 and granted in 1933 to the Chicago Electric Manufacturing Co. A similar example to this one is visible in the book Kitchen Glassware of the Depression Years but with a different glass bottom. The glass bottom on this one is six sided, clear and has a 3 cup capacity. I believe that it was made by Owens Illinois - Im unsure, but the mixer may be older than the glass piece. The unit is in very good running and aesthetic condition. Theres no on/off button on the unit - you plug it in and it really rotates rapidly, so please use it place on its jar to protect your fingers! Note that it looks slow in the video, but it looks like a blur when rotating. This is being sold as a collectible and not as a functional piece. Note that the electric wire near the plug looks like it was exposed to heat - you should maybe electrical tape it should you wish to use it. This is a wonderful collectible mixer - not too many of these kicking around anymore!