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Vintage 1920s Art Deco Silk Scarf Fringed Shawl


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a gorgeous printed large fringed silk scarf, almost like a shawl, that I believe dates to the 1920s, certainly not later than the early 30s.  The silk is printed with an art deco influenced pattern, rather Japanese looking conceptually.  The motifs consist of simplified floral shapes in two tones of blue, teal green, fleshtone pink and ochre gold against a pinkish red background - striking design!  It measures 55” in length with a 10” fringe on either end, for a total length of 75”.  It has a width of 18 1/2”.  It does have a few small problems - a missing strand of fringe at one corner (see last close-up photo), a silk tear where a strand was pulled at one end, and a couple of small silk separations in the body of the silk, including a small tear/hole about 1/8” in length, all very minor, and visible when inspecting the piece with a light behind it.  These defects are to be expected given that the silk is a very fine lightweight type. 

Despite the damage, this is a rarely seen 20s era silk scarf - beautiful quality and a piece to keep and treasure!