Unused 1950s 60s Vintage Candy Tone Sheets & Pillowcases Twin Cotton NIP


Brand Etsy

This is a pair of late 1950s or early 1960s Candy Tone sheets & pillowcases made in a green on white striping. These 1960s Candy Tone sheets & pillowcases are still wrapped in their original cellophane. They were made in Canada By Dominion Textile Co. Limited Montreal under the Tex-Made brand name. Dominion Textile was founded in 1905 and closed in 1998 - it was a household name in Canada. The Tex-Made trademark was registered in 1947 - I would assume that these pillowcases date to the late 1950s, but more likely early 1960s. The pillowcase label reads 2 Pillow Cases Finished Size 42 while the sheets label reads Twin Bed 72x100 Finished Size Made in Canada. The cotton used has 136 threads per square inch. There is a small perforation to the cellophane at the bottom of the sheets packaging, so there is a bit of soiling in that small area - you would want to launder the sheets at least. The sheets package contains two sheets and measures 9 by 11 by 2 and weighs 3 lbs and 3 oz while the pillowcases package measures 8 1/2 by 5 1/2 and weighs 11 oz. Difficult to find a full set like this - of course, the quality of the cotton from back then is superior to what they produce today, wonderful vintage bedding!