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SOLD Strapless Gown 50s Dress Cocktail Dress Silk Chiffon Green


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This 1950s strapless dress / cocktail dress has a dropped bow at the back of the dress. The bodice is all done with tiny pleating and it has stays on the interior to help keep it in place on the body.

Label: No label

Color: Seafoam green

Material: Chiffon

Please rely on the following measurements for the actual size.

Bust: 32"

Waist: 25"

Hips: 46"

Overall length: 40"

Condition: The dress is very well made but the chiffon is fraying at the top edge and it also has a 4 1/2" tear in the hemline at the back of the dress (it is situated a little to the left hand side of the bow at the hemline). It most likely was caught up in a stiletto shoe. There is enough chiffon on the bow to remove a piece to patch the tear. It does require some TLC.

It is being sold in "as is condition.

Sail away on a chiffon cloud in this beautiful dress!