Retro 1960s Italian Pottery Relish 3 Compartment Tidbit Fratelli Fanciullacci


Brand Etsy

This is a fabulous piece of Italian pottery made in the form of a three compartment relish or tidbit. The piece is simply marked 7935 Italy on the underside, but I am fairly certain that this is by the firm of Fratelli Fanciullacci - Fratelli Fanciullacci rarely signed their pieces, especially a utilitarian piece like this, and if they did, it was with FF or with a paper label. Ive seen similar decoration on other Fratelli Fanciullacci pieces - green, red, yellow and black ovals within a matrix against a pebbled off-white glaze. The piece measures 11 by 7 3/4 at its widest and is in very good condition with no chips, cracks or wear - there is a yellow line on the underside that I inspected and it is original to the making of the piece. Wonderful display object for a retro decor - fabulous mid-century Italian pottery!