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Vintage Mens Red Silk Fringed Scarf by Forsyth 1940s Fashion Foulard


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a striking vintage mens red silk fringed scarf featuring a printed pattern of a repeating geometric floral motif in off white, yellow and black. The scarf is hand knot fringed at either end. Note that the scarf was photographed folded, so is double the width shown in the first photo.

Age: 1940s / 1950s

Label: Hand Printed in England Scarf by Forsyth Pure Silk

Size: 18” wide by 48” long, exclusive of its fringe - the fringe measures 3” long at either end

Condition: It is in excellent condition with the exception of some light staining at one end on one side, where the label is visible and two light ink lines at the other end on one side. I’ve had the scarf dry cleaned and have taken off the dry cleaner’s ticket from the label. Like most dry cleaners, they don’t bother to treat marks, so these probably would come out, except for the ink marks, with the proper attention. Very minor in any case as the scarf would be worn folded and really not noticeable under normal viewing in any case.

This is a beautiful quality scarf in a striking colour - gorgeous!