Mid Century Modern Beswick England Pottery Vase Albert Hallam 1343


Brand Etsy

This is a wonderful Beswick pottery vase featuring mid century modern form and decoration. It was designed by Hallam and Haywood for Beswick in 1954 - Jim Haywood was the art director for Beswick while Albert Hallam is considered to have been one of the most talented mould makers in the English pottery industry. Hallam is especially known for innovative shapes, this vase being one example. The base is made in a lily pad or webbed shape with the shape upturned at one side - it is glazed in a metallic-like patinated bronze colour. The vase is decorated with cross-like forms in the same bronze-like colour. The base is marked with the model number 1343 raised against the background as well as impressed with Beswick England. This type of marking was introduced in 1954 and I believe that this piece dates to the 50s. The piece measures 10 1/8 in height. It is in very good condition with no chips or cracks - but does have a bit glaze crazing, but this is standard for this type of pottery. It still retains its original Beswick Ware foil label - its a little faded, but indicative of how well kept this was over the years. This is a wonderful shape and I wasnt able to find any other in this colour.fabulous vase that would fit into any modern decor!