Mexican Sterling Silver Necklace with Onyx & Abalone TC-114


Brand Etsy

This is a Mexican sterling silver necklace that is set with onyx and abalone. It is made with seven round pieces, the centre bottom one being larger than the rest. There are two dangles hanging from the centre disc - I noted three other holes on the centre disc so perhaps there were other dangles - in any case, the necklace presents itself perfectly fine as it is. The piece is stamped Mexico 925 TC-114 (?), a little difficult to make out, so Im not certain. TC-114 is the number assigned to silversmith Cienfuegos Garcia. Both the clasp and one of the discs are stamped. The necklace measures about 19 in length laid out straight and weighs 63 grams or 2.25 oz. Aside from the missing dangles, this necklace in very good condition with no pronounced wear or defect - the only other issue is that the discs are joined by two rings whereas the bottom disc is joined by only one.
Despite the small problems, this is a wonderful quality Mexican sterling silver necklace, expertly inlaid and beautifully crafted. Sold at a reduced price. Sure to be noticed!