Late Art Deco 1940s Metallic Purse Embroidered Handbag - VFG


Brand Etsy

This is a fabulous late art deco 1940s metallic purse featuring exceptional metallic thread embroidery. It is a little difficult to date as it is rather unique. Metallic purses were in vogue during the mid to late 1940s, but the spring loaded bar clasp on this purse is normally seen on 1950s purses, however, I dont know when these clasps were first used. There are three different colour tones utilized from light gold to medium gold to dark brown. The central floral-like design is raised. This 1940s metallic purse is lined in gold toned satin and its interior compartment has a side pocket affixed to one side only. There is no label, so I cannot ascribe a maker. It has a soft top handle embroidered in like manner to the body of the purse. The purse measures 9 in width at its widest and 8 in height exclusive of its handle - the handle has a fall of 5. It is in very good condition, a little soiled on the interior, but nothing pronounced. In addition, there is a small gap at either end of the clasp, but this doesnt affect its functioning nor should it bother anyone aesthetically. This is a beautiful quality 1940s metallic purse - incredible metallic embroidery in an art deco style!