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60s Vintage Coat by Pierre Cardin Asymmetrical Space Age Design in Off-White Wool


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a vintage 60s era wool coat made by Pierre Cardin. The piece is cut in an asymmetrical geometric shape, very typical of Cardin design during his “space-age” period. This coat, although it has a futuristic form, is made of more traditional material, a herringbone off-white wool. It is cut in a short length that would accommodate the mini-skirts that were in favor at that time. It has a narrow collar that overlaps on the left side - to me it looks like it takes inspiration from Japanese traditional design. There is a single large square applied pocket on the left lower front. The coat has a dropped shoulder with stitching on the sleeves delineating the cut. The collar is also accented by stitching and there is stitching down the back of the jacket. The coat is fully lined. It does up with two hidden buttons at the upper front and no other closures. It has some padding on the shoulders.Age: 1960s

Label: Label has been removed, but the lining is woven with “Pierre Cardin” throughout

Color: Off-white

Material: Wool

Sizing: No size is indicated, but please rely on the following measurements for fit, taking the thickness of the fabric into account:

Shoulders: 22” across from the end of one shoulder pad to the other - otherwise, difficult to measure due to dropped shoulder

Sleeves: 16” long from the shoulder pads

Sleeve Inseam: 13” long

Bust: 48” around

Waist: 46” around

Hemline: 58” around

Length: 32”


It is in very good condition with the exception of a tiny pinhead sized hole on the pocket and a small nibble to the finish of the wool on the back of each of the sleeves, two on the coat back and one on the right side. The damage is pretty minor, but mentioned in the interest of full disclosure. Given the desirability of this coat, the damage should be forgiven

This is a wonderful piece from Cardin’s peak design period - youthful and easy to wear.....