Danish Mid Century Modern Covered Casserole HAK Herman Kahler Lidded Bowl


Brand Etsy

This is a mid-century stoneware ceramic covered casserole made by Herman A Kahler of Denmark. The cover is impressed with the very recognizable HAK signature used by Kahler on all of their products. Kahler has a 181 year history of making ceramic products of high quality - much of the earlier production was and is considered to be art pottery. This casserole features a simple rounded canister form that is glazed on the exterior in satin finished black glaze and in the interior in white. The piece measures 9 1/4 in diameter across the cover and has an interior diameter of 8. It measures about 5 1/2 to the top of the lid and the bottom has a height of 4 1/2. It is very heavy for its size, weighing 7 lbs, a sign of its quality. It is in very good condition except for a small chip to the interior rim of the cover (see last close-up photo) and also has a low glaze spot on the edge of the cover, very minor (see second to last close-up photo). Despite the small chip, this is a piece that is rarely seen - beautiful design and appearance, so the small chip should be forgiven. Wonderful piece for a mid century modern decor!