Antique Wood and Celluloid Servant Bell Push Butler Call


Brand Etsy

This is an old bell push used to summon servants dating, I believe, to either the Victorian or Edwardian period. The piece is made of turned and carved wood with a celluloid button and celluloid top end wire conduit. The original wiring is no longer affixed to the piece. The bottom should unscrew to reveal the electrical poles and plate that would make contact with the push button, but Im unable to loosen it - perhaps someone has a technique to do so. The piece measures 3 1/2 in length including the celluloid parts at either end. It is in very good condition with the exception of two tiny chips to the rim around the button (see close-up photo) and a couple of light scratches in the wood, very minor (see last close-up photo). The conduit at the top unscrews easily.
Beautiful grain on the wood - neat piece, interesting conversational item that probably could be repurposed in some way!