Antique Watcombe Torquay Pinched Pottery Vase Flower Design on Purple


Brand Etsy

This is an antique Torquay pottery vase featuring a pink flower outlined in black with yellow centre and green leaves against a purple background colour. The underside is stamped, but the stamping is illegible. This being said, this is a known Watcombe Pottery design. What makes this interesting is the pinched form of the vase just below the top rim - this forces the rim outwards, which probably facilitates emptying water from the vase. The vase measures 8 in height and 4 3/4 by 4 at its widest - it is fairly heavy for its size, weighing a little over 1 lb and 6 oz. It is in very good condition - there are a few surface craze lines visible in the area of the flower in the close-up photos but not visible under normal viewing. Otherwise, no chips, cracks or pronounced wear.
This is a lovely display vase - I havent been able to find a similar pinched example, so a nice acquisition for a Watcombe collection.