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Antique Victorian Gown 1880s Dress Made by Marie Kratochwill Vienna S


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This dress dates to the 1880s, hand made by Marie Kratochwill of Vienna. The dress is made of a rich ruby red silk taffeta with a gray silk center panel that is woven with a floral design in black that is outlined in a bluish gray color. It is meant to be worn with a bustle, which was the style at the time. The dress is lined in a cotton muslin and the bodice is supported with "stays". There is a pleated cotton flounce at the bottom of the skirt that is inset with lace (see last close-up photo). It appears that the black lace has been added  to the dress.  It could be it originally had some lace trim which deteriorated.

As it is now the black lace cuffs are attached only at one spot, although I have them posed as if there are attached around the cuff, which is bordered with red silk ribbon - either these would need to be re-attached. There are a lot of hooks and a few ties that all work together to fit the dress on the body. I did my best, but without a bustle, the back is hanging in a peculiar fashion and I'm not sure how the bodice is supposed to attach at the front - I have it posed with the point at the bottom posed over the skirt. One would probably have to experiment a bit with all the hooks, but I'm sure that you could sort it with a bit of effort. The skirt has a train.

Label: "Marie Kratochwill Wien Robes & Confection" with griffins on either side, on the interior waistband

Color: Red, gray and black

Material: Silk

Sizing: No size is indicated, but this should fit a small to medium size. Please note the following measurements for fit, taking the style of the dress into account:

Shoulders: 13 1/2" across from shoulder/sleeve seam to shoulder/sleeve seam

Sleeves: 13 1/2" long from the shoulder seam, exclusive of the lace cuff

Sleeve Inseam: 9" exclusive of the lace

Bust: 35"/36" around, taken under the arms

Waist: 26"/27" around

Hips: Full - meant to be worn with a bustle

Length: 59" at the front

Condition:  This dress is in very good condition, it does have a few issues.  There are a couple of quite light brown stains at the bottom of the skirt, not very noticeable at all. In addition, the silk at the hemline edge is frayed, but this is quite minor and there are a couple of small wear spots to the silk at the bottom of the center stay of the bodice and at the bottom back stay of the bodice, really very minor and mentioned only in the interest of full disclosure. Otherwise, the dress is in quite incredible condition for a piece of its age. There is also the issue of the lace which has been attached.  I do feel that that the lace looks good and it is absolutely old lace.

This is a wonderful 1880s period dress - fabulous color and quite striking pattern. I can picture a young woman dancing the Viennese waltz in a fabulous Vienna ballroom, when the Austro-Hungarian empire was at its height and Johann Strauss, the Waltz King, was still alive .