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Antique Victorian Floral Needlework w Beaded Needlepoint Framed Berlin Wool Work


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

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This is a wonderful antique embroidered needlepoint dating to the 19th century.  The piece is made in a combination of beaded needlepoint and wool embroidery that I believe is usually referred to as “Berlin Work”.  It depicts a bouquet of flowers and ferns.  The needlepoint is in multiple tones of beige and brown, orangey red and grey with the beading being in white and other tones matching the needlepoint.  The blue background is made of intricately embroidered black wool - please view the close-up photos.  The piece is framed in a wood frame, stretched over a board, but the frame is not really functional - you would need to probably re-frame this.  The frame measures 23 1/4” by 19” - the piece measures a little larger than that as the fabric is tacked over to the back.

This is a very charming piece of needlework, wonderful decorative wall hanging, or, you can remove it from the frame for some other use….