Antique Victorian Cranberry Opalescent Glass Flower Epergne 3 Trumpets w Bowl


Brand Etsy

This is an absolutely gorgeous antique cranberry glass flower epergne. The piece has one central trumpet/vase that screws into a brass holder affixed to the centre of the ruffled bowl and two smaller trumpets, one on either side, that fit into a slot on either side of the brass mount. The side trumpets swivel, so can be positioned to the side or to the front (see photos)
The piece measures 22 in height to the top of the middle trumpet vase. The bowl measures 10 1/4 in diameter - the middle trumpet measures 16 in height. The piece is in very good condition - the only thing that I have to mention is that there is a bit of residue to the bottom of the middle flute as I didnt have the proper tool to clean it, but Im sure that you could find something that would work. Otherwise, no noted chips, cracks or wear. This is very fragile so will be double boxed with a lot of interior padding.
This is an exceptional piece of Victorian era glass....beautiful display item!