Antique Tribal Kilim Carpet Timuri Baluch Khorjun Saddle Bag Hand Knotted Wool


Brand Poppy's Vintage Clothing

This is an antique hand knotted kilim saddle bag.  I’m not an expert on Asian textiles, but my research indicates that this is a Timuri region (Central Asia) Baloch or Baluch tribal piece.  Note the construction of the bag and the colors employed.  The bag is called a “Khorjun” in that region and is made with two compartments and typically would be slung over a donkey or other animal.  The exterior of each compartment is made of wool pile and one can see the knotted work on the interior of the bag - I’ve provided a number of close-up photos of both the interior and exterior.  It looks to me to be knotted at the rate of 16 knots per inch.  The bag measures 21” wide by 49” long with the bag fully laid out.  It is in very good condition except that it is missing some of its fringe and the compartments are unstitched at 3 of the top sides as well as at a bottom corner - this can be easily corrected.


This is a beautiful piece of tribal art - excellent display piece in the right decor!