Antique St Pamphile Quebec Souvenir Jug Magasin Chouinard Made in Germany


Brand Etsy

This is a wonderful piece of souvenir china featuring a graphic of the Magasin Ant. Chouinard located in St Pamphile, Quebec, Canada. Flavien Chouinard (1869-1942) employed as many as 1,500 men in a forestry business in the Montmagny area, LIslet (St Pamphile area) and in Maine. He is reported to have had a General Store in St. Pamphile, but this jug is captioned as Magasin Ant. Chouinard - Flavien had a brother Antoine Auguste, so perhaps he sold the store to him. St Pamphile is located in the LIslet regional county in the Chaudiere-Applalaches administrative district and is located right on the Quebec/Maine border. In fact, there is a small hamlet called St Pamphile on the Maine side of the border. The area is rather isolated and St Pamphile has a population of only a little more than 2000 people. I believe that this small jug dates to the early 1920s, but could be a little later or a little earlier. It measures 3 3/4 tall and is in very good condition, but has an unusual "fused" hairline that appears to be original to the making of the piece - the jug pings clearly, so I believe that that is the case. The underside is stamped Made in Germany.
This is probably quite a rare piece given the size of the town, especially at that time. Wonderful item for someone interested in the history of Quebec!