Antique Royal Doulton Blue Willow Plate Doultons Willow 10.625 1906 Flow Blue


Brand Etsy

This is a porcelain dinner plate made in the Doultons Willow pattern by Royal Doulton. Doultons Willow is Royal Doultons version of the classic Blue Willow pattern. The pattern is quite deep blue and has the appearance of flow blue, although no flow is visible, just a slight bluish shadow in places. Aside from the being printed with Doultons Willow on the underside rim, it is impressed with Doulton Burslem England, has a date code of 11-06 for November 1906, and is impressed with the letter M. The plate measures 10 5/8 in diameter. It in excellent condition and looks unused except for a scratched mark on the underside, probably caused by a plate hanger, very minor. Note that there is a whitish print skip on the edge, again very minor. This is an especially attractive example of Blue Willow and a nice addition to a collection in this pattern - nice dark blue transfer.